Namdia Foundation Sponsors Namibia’s World Cadets

These will allow the development of the In a commendable initiative for youth development and the promotion of chess as a sport, the NAMDIA Foundation has stepped forward to sponsor the Namibia Chess Federation National Cadet Team set to participate in the FIDE World Cadet U8, U10, and U12 Championships 2023, which are scheduled to take place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from October 14th to 27th.

The NAMDIA Foundation’s continued commitment to nurturing young talent and supporting the growth of chess in Namibia is evident in their all-inclusive sponsorship of the National Cadet Team. This sponsorship ensures that the team, comprised of three
highly skilled young players, as well as their dedicated management and coaching staff, can participate in the prestigious international event without any financial burdens.

The three promising chess prodigies selected to represent Namibia in the
championships are as follows:

2nd From Left : Kaino Moongo (U8) Another brilliant talent in the U8 Girls category, Kaino Moongo, aged 7, is the runner-up in the Namibia Junior Chess Championship. She represents Moses Garoeb Primary School and is ready to make her mark on the international chess scene.

3rd From Left : Iyaloo Hamutumwa (U8) Iyaloo Hamutumwa, a 7-year-old prodigy, is the reigning U8 Namibia Junior Chess Champion in the Girls category. Representing St. Georges Diocesan Private School, she aims to dazzle the chess world with her skills and determination.

4th From Left(Boy) : James Dien (U10) At the tender age of 9, James Dien Boy, who is the reigning Namibia Junior Chess Champion, secured the third position in the Open category. He hails from Windhoek Gymnasium Private School and is poised to demonstrate his exceptional talent on the international stage.

The young talents will be accompanied by a team of dedicated professionals, including the Manager and Head of Delegation, Lloyd Dien, as well as the Head Coach and President of the Namibia Chess Federation, Goodwill Khoa. Their guidance and support will undoubtedly be instrumental in helping the young players perform at their best.

This year’s journey to Egypt is particularly special as it follows the African Youth Chess Championships 2023 in Cairo, Egypt. However, the trip to the FIDE World Cadet Championships has seen several players withdraw due to the need to catch up with
schoolwork, highlighting the dedication and balance these young players must strike between their academics and their passion for chess. As Namibia’s brightest young chess talents embark on this exciting journey, the nation stands united in support of their efforts and achievements. We wish James Dien Boy, Iyaloo Hamutumwa, Kaino Moongo, and their dedicated team the very best as theyrepresent Namibia in the FIDE World Cadet Championships 2023. May they bring home victory and pride to our country. The NAMDIA Foundation’s investment in these young players not only gives them an opportunity of a lifetime but also underscores the foundation’s role in shaping the future of Namibian sports. This sponsorship serves as an inspiring example of how private organizations can contribute to the development of young talent and the promotion of sports excellence.